Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stories for Children (Online Vintage Children's Book)

From Stories for Children by Cousin Sarah

"The Nuts
The fine Nuts in the basket looked very tempting, but Eddie's mother had given him some, and told him not to take any more. But after she had left the room, he ran to the table, and by standing on tiptoe, got enough to fill his pocket, and then ran back to his play in the corner. But Eddie knew he had done wrong, and when his mother came in, he did not like to stay where she was, so he put up his blocks and went into the garden. But here he felt very unhappy, for he had disobeyed his kind mother; he wandered about for a while, feeling very uneasy, but, at last, he thought he would do what he knew was right--go and tell his mother what he had done, and how sorry he was. When he told her, she felt very sad to think that eddie should do so, but was glad that he was so willing to confess his fault. Children should obey their parents."
Click here for the whole book: Stories for Children by Cousin Sarah

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